Monday, April 13, 2009

Jon Paul latest news

It's been a month since my last blog. A lot has transpired since then and I am excited and amazed at the feedback and trafficking that has gone into my web site since I launched it only two months ago. The site will be updated shortly again with a lot of new content and new features. Two more galleries will be added to the gallery section. I hope you all like it.

This months, Romantic Times magazine (May 2009 issue) did an article on my career as a Romance Illustrator of Historical Novels. It should be on stands this week in Barnes & Noble and other book store outlets all over the country and the world. The article talks about my passion for my art and shows a little of a behind the scenes in the making of the cover art.

Also besides my novels, I do gallery art and limited edition giclees, which will be available through my web site at a later date. As I mentioned in my last blog, I love history and recently just saw a great movie in my opinion called "The Duchess." The cinematography was absolutely beautiful and I love the costumes from that period ... in my own work (gallery art and some of the covers) all my costumes are custom made. I am planning at the moment to do a painting of The Duchess of Devonshire "Georgiana." I'm already starting to design the outfit for the painting and I have a very beautiful model picked out to play the role. I think the model I chose is perfect for "Georgiana" ... Georgiana was known for her beauty and sense of style and she set the trends of the fashion of her time … she even sat to have her portrait painted by the two of the most famous painters of the era… Reynolds and Gainsborough. When I do projects like this, I like to immerse myself into knowing everything I can on the subject in order to be authentic to the period. I remember years ago, I was doing Cleopatra and I ended up study every aspect of her fascinating life. From her birth to her death...

Well, I better get back to work...I'm working on several novel covers right now and I will be writing another blog shortly...


  1. Looking through the preview of your lovely book, I was amazed by how many of the books were ones that I have bought and read. I remember your artwork being the main reason that I picked the book up. Thank you, your craft introduced me to some wonderful authors.

    May I make a suggestion? Consider selling prints of some of the artwork? I would truly love to have some up on my library room walls.

  2. I thank you so much Liz for the very kind comment regarding my work... I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me as an artist. Thank you for making my day.

    I will be selling prints shortly in my store of some of my most notable covers. Actually I am in the process of setting that up...

    Jon Paul

  3. Jon Paul, you rock! What an amazing gift and talent you have, creating such beautiful art. I second Liz's suggestion - I'd love a few of your prints on my walls. Not to mention as bookmarks, postcards, a screen saver, maybe? LOL

  4. Hi Jon, I found this blog through your website. I'm an illustrator myself and I love your artworks. They're gorgeous.
    Since the gallery is title-less, Is there any list of book titles you've done? I want to know the books that has your art. (I only recognize one cover so far)