Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspired to Escape

Although working constantly is the nature of what I do as an artist, I felt that I wanted to take some time out and address the things that of which make my fans curious. The most significant being, how am I inspired for my work. This is a question I receive on a frequent daily basis and while there are so many answers, at the same time there are also two very basic underlying truths for my creative process. One is my need to take the person viewing my work and transport them to another time; simply draw them in and make them feel like the woman on the cover of a book and for a moment remove them from an ordinary existence into that of a romantic fantasy. Every last detail is designed to ensure this vision, from the actual model to the costume she is wearing and the very pose she is holding. All of this works together to make the reader want to open that book and take a journey as that heroine on the cover and escape everyday life even if just for a brief period of time. Often it is something subliminal in the design to stir an emotion or inspire some kind of feeling that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else. It takes hold of you and you can’t shake it…nor do you want to. The feeling envelops you from the moment you see the cover and continues until the very last page.
The other very basic aspect of how I create a scene is my innate sense of what is beautiful and natural. I can find beauty in anything and have always wanted to translate my vision to the world so everyone can see that beauty and enjoy it and allow it to fill up their soul. Art in all forms is beautiful and an escape and I am driven to provide that escape to my audience.
At the moment some of my projects include covers for NY Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens, Kathy Maxwell and Elizabeth Boyle. I have completed sketches for an oil painting depicting a scene in 19th century New York City, but will discuss that more as it comes closer to completion, although I’m very excited about the process and loving the historical aspect of creating such a piece. Also I’m thrilled to report that every month I will be posting a new gallery on my website, so keep an eye out each month.
I do read all my e-mail, so continue to write me as I would love to respond to more questions about my work and will continue to give an inside look into my world here in my blog.


  1. Your work is amazing! How much do you charge for a single cover image?

  2. I so enjoyed reading your blog Jon. I never knew you had one. It is very interesting and I will continue following.. Have a good evening.. Ingrid :)

  3. Love your work...Do you have any modern photo art in the works?

  4. I just discovered you tonight and I think you're work is beautiful! Very inspiring. ;O)